Onigiri Bank is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Secure your ETH in the SafeBox and earn a daily reward of up to 1.8% daily. You can withdraw 100% of your SafeBox, which includes your compounded daily rewards, at anytime guaranteed.

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Onigiri Bank is built for long term savings. Your SafeBox deposit can be withdrawn at anytime. Deposit ETH into SafeBox to activate daily reward.

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Deposit ETH into SafeBox

Minimum to Deposit is .025 ETH
Input amount to Deposit.

84% to SafeBox, 12% to Contract (if referral is used 11%), 4% general fees.

Rewards Available


Current Daily Percent 0%

Estimate Rewards Potential

(based on .96% 1-50 ETH)

SafeBox: 0.0000 ETH  
daily: 0.0000 ETH   weekly: 0.0000 ETH  
Monthly: 0.0000 ETH   Yearly: 0.0000 ETH  



NOTE: By withdrawing SafeBox funds you Exit Onigiri and future daily rewards Stop. You can withdraw 100% of the SafeBox with no FEES.

Your Daily Reward Earnings


Withdraw Anytime 3% stays in contract, 2% general fees. On Compound, 84% goes to the SafeBox 16% to Main Contract.

Your total earnings withdrawn


Affiliate Link

You can earn more by using your Onigiri Bank Affiliate partner link. Partner with Onigiri Bank and earn more on top of your daily rewards. Earn 1% on Each Referee's SafeBox Deposit.

Copy and paste your affiliate link and share it anywhere to earn more. Please shill responsibly. Don't spam.

Onigiri Bank Stats

SafeBox Holders

0.0000 active

SafeBox Balance

0.0000 ETH

Contract Balance

0.0000 ETH

Withdrawn Total

0.0000 ETH

Affiliate Payouts

0.0000 ETH

Game Earnings

0.0000 ETH

Contract Donations

0.0000 ETH

Key Features and FAQs

Minimal Risk, Blockchain Security, Immutable

Personal Scalable Interest

Onigiri Bank pays out a higher daily percentage based on your SafeBox Balance.
.025 ~ .99 ETH - .6% || .99 ~ 50 ETH - .96%
51 ~ 100 ETH - 1.2% || 101~250 ETH - 1.44%
251~ ETH - 1.8%


You can withdraw 100% of your SafeBox at anytime with No Fees. 84% of your initial deposit plus compounded rewards is Guaranteed.

External Ecosystem

The onigiri smart contract is built for scalabilty. The code can connect onigiri to other dapps and accept donations.

How does it work?

To start, make sure you have meta-mask set-up in your chrome browser. Then simply enter the amount to deposit into the SafeBox to activate your daily rewards.

download meta-mask for chrome

How secure is this platform?

Your funds are secure on the Ethereum Blockchain. Secure and Immutable. You can withdraw your SafeBox deposit at anytime. We never store your ETH on our web servers. You have complete control of your SafeBox at all times.

Read our Terms and Conditions

How can you guarantee 100% SafeBox withdraw at anytime?

SafeBox Balance is separate from Rewards Available. SafeBox Funds are coded into the contract as guaranteed funds for holders. This is what makes Onigiri Bank very unique.


Partnerships and Games that grow Main Contract balance to back user daily rewards.

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We are Building

All Games created to expand and grow Onigiri Bank main contract balance

Onigiri Bank on TRON May 2019

Coin Flip TBD (tenative)

Push the Button TBD (tenative)

NFT Auctions and Collectibles (Tenative)