About Onigiri Bank

At Onigiri Bank we believe in complete transparency with our community. Get to know us and our project.

Onigiri Bank

Onigiri bank is a smart contract built on the Ethereum and TRON blockchains. The code allows a user to store 84% of their own ETH or TRON on the associated blockchain. The users Ethereum or TRON is never stored on Onigiri’s servers at any given time. Onigiri Bank Smart Contract is based on blockchain technologies and is completely autonomous. No admins or developers can access user LockBox funds.

It is our hope that you enjoy our platform. Too many other Dapps in the space today do not safeguard a user's funds. This is one thing that Ongiri Bank excels at. Building a platform utilizing the blockchain to secure user deposits. Creating code that rewards holders for using our system. And creating an external ecosytem that will last as we create games, build partnerships and grow our marketing.


Founder, UI Developer, YouTuber and Design

"Persistence with a goal in mind makes success a reality" - giving up is not in my vocabulary.

I do Web development in wordpress, CSS and HTML and backend servers and such. I also have been creating videos for as long as I can rememeber. Photography is a passion of mine and I have published several digital books. I have my own YouTube channel and do videos related to various crypto projects. Bringing people together and managing communities is what I enjoy. Currently working a day job and chasing the crypto dream.

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Co-Founder, Solidity Developer and Integration

"Stay foolish, stay hungry" - the phrase that describes me the best.

Smart Contracts developer for Ethereum and TRON Blockchain starting from 2017. I use newest technologies and solutions for development such as Solidity, Truffle, web3, OpenZeppelin, ZeppelinOS (for upgradable smart contracts), Ganache, Remix and unit tests. Possessing good expertise in ERC tokens, ICOs, Blockchain games and gambling DApps. Also have 5+ years of professional experience in iOS, MacOS, Android and cross-platform application development.

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