Terms and Conditions

At Onigiri Bank we believe in complete transparency with our community. Please agree to the following when using Onigiri Bank services for Ethereum and TRON blockchains.

Onigiri Bank

Onigiri bank is a smart contract built on the Ethereum and TRON blockchains. The code allows a user to store 84% of their own ETH or TRON on the associated blockchain. The users Ethereum or TRON is never stored on Onigiri’s servers at any given time. Onigiri Bank Smart Contract is based on blockchain technologies and is completely autonomous. No admins or developers can access user SafeBox funds.

Verified Smart Contract:0x3fb111fed284aea5e3db069fa12045d61f78668a

Participating in Onigiri Bank

By becoming an active participant in our project you will adhere to and understand the following verbiage. You will be responsible for your own private keys and all Ethereum or TRON directly related to your wallet. For Ethereum - meta-mask wallet, trust wallet, nifty-wallet or similar wallet. For TRON - Tronlink or Tron wallet that interacts with associated blockchain. Onigiri Bank is not responsible for lost private keys and cannot access user SafeBox 's. There are no passwords, no users names. All interaction is done on Ethereum or TRON blockchain through your wallet.

Please protect your private keys. Write them down. Do not lose it. Your Ethereum or TRON rewards will be lost if you lose your private keys.

Initial deposit
On deposit into the smart contract 84% goes to the users SafeBox (SafeBox Holder). 12% goes to the Reward balance (payout pool). If referral is used, 1% to Referee and 11% to the reward balance. The remaining 4% is used for development and maintenance.

Balance Types
Please understand that SafeBox balance, Reward balance and Main contract balance is different.

  • SafeBox Balance - Users guranteeed personal balance.
  • Reward Balance - Funds available for rewards and referral payouts.
  • Main Contract Balance - Total Ethereum or TRON in the smart contract included reward balance.

  • Withdrawing and Compounding
    When a user withdraws their rewards to Meta-Mask or TRON-link wallet there is a 5% fee that is charged. 3% will remain in the Main Contract Balance and 2% for development and maintenance. 95% remaining will go to the users wallet.
    When a user compounds earnings, 84% will go to the SafeBox and the remaining 16% will go back into the main contract balance.

    Closing SafeBox and exiting contract.
    When a user deactivates SafeBox they exit the contract completely and forfeit future daily rewards. User can withdraw 100% of their SafeBox at anytime, which includes 84% minimum of initial deposit, with no fees guaranteed.

    What We Guarantee
    We guarantee 100% SafeBox withdrawal with no FEEs at anytime. Minimum 84% of your initial deposit. Even if the Reward balance is 0, you can withdraw.

    What We Cannot Guarantee
    Rewards that have not been withdrawn or compounded are not guaranteed. In a worst case scenario, should the reward balance be 0, you will be unable to withdraw or compound rewards. If this were to ever happen, you can Deactivate SafeBox and exit contract. 84% of your initial deposit is always secure in the SafeBox plus any rewards you have compounded.

    Affiliate Partner Link

    You will receive a 1% commission on every referee you invite that activates a SafeBox. You cannot use affiliate link with the same wallet address that you are logged into. Meaning you can't use your own link on yourself.


    Development and Maintenance (General Fees)
    Development for Onigiri Goes to a variety of things such as creating new games, expanding external revenue for smart contract through partnerships with other developers and also Marketing.
    To maintain Onigiri Bank we have fees that cover costs for VPS server, domain and month to month updates to the website.

    Where and How much fees are collected
  • On initial deposits to SafeBox - 12% Main Contract (11% if referral is used 1% to referee) 4% Development and Maintenance
  • On Rewards Withdraw - 2% of Rewards to Development and Maintenance, 3% of rewards to Main Contract
  • On Compound - 16% of rewards to Reward balance

  • Exernal Resources
  • On Donations - 2% to Development and Maintenance
  • On Games - 4% to Development and Maintenance

  • SafeBox Holders

    SafeBox Holders can do the following.

  • By having an active SafeBox users earn daily rewards from Rewards balance that is part of the Main Contract Balance.
  • By sharing an affiliate link a referee can earn 1% from referral deposits to the SafeBox.
  • Users will be unable to withdraw profit or compound rewards if there is not enough funds in the Reward balance.
  • Users can Deposit into their SafeBox at anytime and pay the associated fees.
  • Users can compound daily rewards at anytime and pay the associated fees
  • On SafeBox Deactivate holder can withdraw 100% of SafeBox GUARANTEED with no FEEs.
  • Onigiri Bank Legal Definitions

    Onigiri Bank is not a financial institution. It is not related to crypto trading or any crypto exchanges. Onigiri Bank is not an investment platform. It is a storage platform that rewards users for utilizing the service. You are paying for a service to store your ETH or TRON and you pay 20% fees for using the SafeBox to store your ETH or TRON.
    Return on Investment (ROI), Investment, compounding interest are verbiage that may be associated with our platform but do not define the platform.

    In simple terms, Onigiri Bank is an access point for users to store ETH or Tron on the Blockchain. The fees that the user pays are to be a part of the rewards system. The rewards system is a percentage given to users based on their personal SafeBox balance. Percentage of reward is calculated against the amount in your SafeBox balance. The Reward balance is used to reward SafeBox Holders.
    Admins and developers do not have access to user SafeBox balance and reward balance. It is automated and based on smart contract and blockchain technologies related to ETH or TRON .

    Main Contract Balance

    The main contract balance is funded by fees paid when user deposits, withdraws or compounds. The main contract balance is also funded by other various dapp games connected to the Onigiri Smart Contract. Donations of ETH or TRON on the respective blockchain are also accepted for funding the main contract balance. Rewards balance is part of the Main contract balance.

    Crypto is Risky, Be mindful that taking part in Onigiri Bank is still considerd a risk and you can still lose up to 16% of your initial deposit.

    Onigiri Bank provides a unique service to all of its users. It guarantees 100% SafeBox withdrawal with a 84% minimum return of the initial deposit with compounded rewards.

    There will be no REFUNDS. All SERVICES PAID FOR are FINAL.

    The user understands and agrees to these Terms and Conditions when depositing into the SafeBox.